VoIP Services

Let TMS become your VOIP Service Provider!

TMS will provide Telephone Extensions - Each Includes: Connection of 1 VOIP telephone to the SHARED Phone System; 1 named extension; 1 voicemail box, voicemail to email, and find-me / follow me features. One Auto-Attendant and Company Directory List are included per Company. Night Mode, Hold Music and Emergency call forwarding features are also available.

Costs include a Phone Number Fee, per DID (Direct Inward Dialing) - Includes monthly DID charges, Caller ID and E911 registration fees. As many DID's as needed are available. Area Code 330 numbers have limited availability. Porting of existing phone numbers to the system is available, but not guaranteed.

Our 1,000 MINUTE BUNDLE DEAL. Includes 1,000 minutes of combined incoming and outgoing calls to the Continental US and Canada. All Local and Long Distance calls are all metered. Overages are billed at $0.02 per minute. Calling Cards are recommended to place calls beyond the call plan area. Larger bundle sizes are available!